Progress in this village (Trader Joe's opening here)

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Yay, we have a Trader Joe's opening Feb 12 here! For most of you that might not be a big deal, but here in the boonies I'm really looking forward to it. I realize many of you don't live in the USA and to you it's a non-subject . . . (what's Trader Joe's?)

As much as I disparaged Bend, Oregon, for a lack of "Asian" grocers, they did have a TJ's. Now that I'm on the west side of Oregon, I'm happy to be getting a TJ store opening here, and it's only 2 blocks away.

To me that means a lot more choice in reasonably priced groceries here in Corvallis. Some of their stuff is really good, and some of it not that great (I don't think their baked goods are that great), but all in all a great store to have next door.
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250 mile round trip for me to get to one so it only happens a few times a year. Wish they would open one closer.
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I agree, TJ's is great. before I moved to Vegas, I even checked to see if they had stores out here (yes, they do).
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I hear stories like this and it makes me appreciate where I live and what it has to offer us amateur cooks. I guess I take all these things for granted. I'm glad for you OregonYeti.
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I went Friday, their opening day, and it was crowded. All us villagers flocking to the new big place. I didn't buy anything because I didn't want to wait in line for a long time.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went there and bought some stuff. "European style yogurt" is good, not my favorite, as I like the yogurt that separates into  curds and whey. TJ's yogurt has a variety of cultures and that I like, including Bulgaricus. I like Nancy's yogurt more, but not complaining.

Ak-Mak crackers, my favorite, at 1.39 a box, great!!

Lavash, very good and a good price. 1.99 for a pound of it.

Hummus dip, after I added some more tahini and lemon juice, was just about perfect for me (but it needed those things added). I dipped the Ak-mak crackers in it, mm tasty.
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I have really grown to appreciate TJ's. Their Kuai coffee beans are great and chocolate covered Joe Joe's Yum!
Every one is so friendly at our local store it's fun to shop there.
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I give them an A for their "tandoori style butter chicken with butternut squash, spinach and peppers on rice", from the fresh microwaveable foods section. If I hadn't seen the label I probably wouldn't know it was supposed to be Indian. But that doesn't matter. It is SO good for a microwave entree.
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