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    I am currently in my final year at Winchester School Of Art studying Fashion Promotion . For my final major project I am aiming to design and create a photography based publication around the concepts of both fashion and food.

    In recent years there seems to have been a sudden increase in television cookery programs which has sparked a trend in food. People seem to be fascinated with it, (as am I), whether it be written about in blogs, be a recipe iphone app, a cookery book or food photography, its everywhere and people can’t seem to get enough of it.

    I would be incredibly grateful if you could spend a few minutes to answer the following questions and expand on any topics which you think could benefit the progress of my research.

    Gender -

    Age -

    Why does food interest you personally ?

    Do you enjoy looking at food photography ?

    Do you follow any food blogs ?

    Why do you believe people nowadays are so fascinated with food and cooking ?

    In what ways do you think the recent recession has impacted on how peoples relationship with food?

    Is the appearance of food growing in importance ?

    For example the styling of dishes, especially where michelin star food is concerned . . . Are there any recent trends within the food industry that you know of ?

    Is food being affected by the increase in technological and digital advances ?

    What are your views on food photography ?

    Are there any photographers which you regard highly in this area?

    Do you purchase any food photography or recipe books & magazines ?

    If so what are they . . . What are your personal views on a publication which links together the concepts of both food and fashion ? Have you come across anything similar to this ?

    What do you personally see the target market being for a book like this ?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, any other comments or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. . . .