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    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum and I've looked through the other threads about chocolate tempering machines, but they seem to be comparing Sinsation and Rev machines and I need a broader perspective. My boss is looking to purchase a professional grade tempering machine. She has sent me a link to these two, priced at $10k and $19k:

    <link removed>- tank capacity is +/- 26 lbs

    <link removed> - tank capacity is +/- 88 lbs

    Clearly money is not much of an object, though I'm sure she's not looking to spend too much more than that. I have Googled terms like "professional chocolate tempering machines" and most of them are considerably less expensive than these.

    Is there any reason why these are much more expensive? Are they worth the extra money? Are there better professional tempering machines available for around the same price or less?

    I don't know anything about chocolate tempering and I'm not sure the nature of my boss' work with chocolate (she lives overseas and we communicate almost exclusively by email. I'm her personal assistant and this is just an additional business venture for her, so she doesn't offer much by way of detail, just asks me to research/purchase things for her).

    I would like to come back with some specs for her to compare and make a decision.

    Thanks in advance!

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