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My name is Denise and I own a restaurant in New York. I am making as a special first dish lobster in a red sauce

with pasta. I am looking for a suggestion on what would work as a main course following the lobster dish.

Please keep in mind that this is a Italian Restaurant .

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The course following the pasta (if you stick to the formal Italian meal structure) should be a protein of some sort.

Roast chicken would be my whatever fresh seasonal produce you can find (either prepared with or as a side).

Maybe a nice snapper (stuff the cavity with lemon and parley and a bit of dill) would work as well.

We have just about finished with all the summer tomatoes and sweet corn (gulf coast of Texas) and will be looking forward to the fall veg soon.

Still hitting the 90's on some days and you want me to think about roots and broccoli?

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