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hello, glad to join this site. In the food business for 24 years, and also a photographer. all are welcome to visit my site: look forward to many informational discussions :bounce:
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Fancy to find you here...

Glad you could join us, the site is pretty informative with a ton of great passionate people, am glad to see you hanging out...

Will be home within the next week and will look you up, have some RestaurantEdge stuff to do in Lynchburg...

Chef Mike
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Hi foodnphotos and welcome to Chef Talk Cafe. Please take a look at all the forums and use the search to find earlier discussions on topics of interest.

Now excuse me while I go get a munchie- I looked at your site and I got hungry!

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Hey Mezz...

Ya know there is a lot to be said about putting out awesome food and having the pics to back it up...LOL

I got a kick out of his pics too...

I love the combination of food and photography, especially when they are pics of our own food and you have a thousand stories behind them...

Like how bad you got your butt kicked that day... :lips:

I started taking pics after we cooked for Pres Bush a couple years ago and I love it...can see some of my pics at

That is what hooked me and Bill up with each other to begin with our love of food and photography with the exception that he takes photography seriously, I am lucky if I can remember where I put my digital...LOL

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