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    am a 51 year old working chef who is involved with hands on production in my kitchen. I work for a large catering company who caters to the sports complexes  in my area and I run a production kitchen.I am pretty much on my feet for about 8-10 hours a day along with walking and bending constantly. This is the second year of dealing with this. doctors gave me medication for the pain which makes me drowsy so I only use it at night. My question is are there any other chefs or cooks who have similar problems and any suggestions on how to deal with this through the course of the day. wheather the use of braces, special types of shoes or what ever. remember am only 51 and way too young to call it quits.
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    I feel ya jimmy.

    Have you had a really good head to toe checkup (with labs and scans)?

    Sometimes auto immune disorders can have arthritis (joint pain) on the list of symptoms.

    You didn't say where you hurt but if a brace will help without causing further damage (forcing a joint back in place can sometimes crack or break the supporting structure) go ahead.

    If you can visit an actual medical brace "artist" they may have better ideas.

    Anti inflammatory meds work great but again can cause further problems (stomach erosion and rashes).

    I had to call it quits from nursing about 8 years ago and baking full time in August.

    Seems my spine is crumbling (eek! the actual diagnosis term is not near as scary lol!)

    I tried swimming and that helps some.

    Put a recumbant bike in front of a window and can get in 30-40 minutes every other day.

    Now I just do 2-3 months (whatever the inurance will pay) of PT every summer to get me thru the cold months.

    Some years are better that others.


    Have you thought of trying a pain management doc?

    They are not all about narcotics...sometimes steroid injections work wonders.
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