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Steven welcome to the forum and thanks for taking our questions. My question has to do with product design as opposed to cooking.

I have submitted products to Charcoal Companion for consideration and I see that you are on their website. Are you involved in product design with Charcoal Companion or, on your website at all or do you just lend your name?

And do you see any room for equipment innovation in the BBQ field or is it pretty well covered in your opinion. Thanks!

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Hi, Chrose,

Well you are definitely on the right track with the Companion Group. I generally conceptualize the products I want, and then let the Companion Group and their people translate those to schematics. (I presume we're talking about hard goods here, and not food items.) It's a tough field to break into, and it's getting harder to develop innovative and useful products. But keep thinking. You might have the next "best" thing. Best of luck to you!


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