Processed foods = obesity?

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My personal unscientific suspicion is that one major cause of the obesity epidemic and its consequence is all the processed (including fast food) we eat with increasing frequency. So of course when I see something about that diet/obesity link, I post it. See the article in the LATimes at:

It ends,
"Though trans fat's critics are pleased with recent actions by McDonald's and Frito-Lay, the changes won't transform Americans' overall diet--a diet that gets more of its calories from fatty, salty, fried and processed foods than from old-fashioned, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein.

That type of eating is a culprit in obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes."
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This is what I think, too. It makes me laugh to see all the articles coming out now saying "See? See? Low-fat diets don't work! Go and eat steak and butter!"

Uh... nooooo, low-fat diets consisting of white flour and sugar don't work. Low-fat diets like those of the peoples who customarily eat low-fat diets (like Asians) with lots of grains and beans and vegetables, do work.

It's just that they are work. Perish forbid that the typical lazy Western rump actually stir itself a bit to achieve a goal. No, we all want miracles. And they ain't there, chickens.
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