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I have noticed of late that many chickens are tasting rancid in the joints and close to the bones. I have noticed this in turkeys also, sometimes the fat is rancid tasting also. I wonder why this is so and if it is a result of poor food handling, disease, or rancid feed. It seems to be only in the cheaper brands of chicken---especially the 10 pound frozen leg packages and cheaper birds. In turkeys it doesn't seem to matter weather the birds are costly or not. I would love some input on this as chicken is a favorite of mine and I always shop with a eye towards bargains in price . . .

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Is prolly just that the producer switched to a cheaper fat to add to the diet but you never know.

Recent poultry die off secondary to the avian flu epidemic?

If so that is sooo wrong and if you still have some uncooked pieces take them to someone at your county AG extension office.

They in turn will send samples off to various labs to check.

Texas A&M does all of our testing.

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It could be an artifact of bargain hunting also. I've noticed that my local ethnic stores (best value) stretch the limits of freshness quite often. I'm very cautious of sale or marinated items. Both seem to be common ways to sell product that is on its last leg, or beyond. I often seem to offend the meat monger by insisting on smelling the meat before it is wrapped, or returning to the store with spoiled product when I didn't inspect. Frozen bulk packs... A crsp shoot unless you know you can trust the source.
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Thanks for the tips. I will check into it.I is probably easier to go the extra cash and buy a major brand name, like Perdue. Pardon my use of the word weather, when I meant whether. I am a poor speller, and should not be allowed near a typewriter . . .

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