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I have stayed away from this site for a while because my primary way of viewing is on my iphone7. For the last couple months every time I go on ChefTalk, I get the "Congratulations Amazon User" Popup. It will keep popping up over any page I visit on Safafi until I clear internet data and history. I have been doing experiments and switched the targeted ad setting to off. This seemed to help for a bit, but it still happens. After deleting internet data etc, I can go on any site for however long and will not have the problem. As soon as i go to ChefTalk, it happens again. This is why I have been absent for so long. Any clues? Thanks in advance.
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Me too.

It goes away for a while after doing an iOS upgrade but eventually returns. Sometimes doing a “back” several times gets rid of it. Most often, though, have to close the app and restart it.

This also happens a lot on The Fresh Loaf.
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SJSupport SJSupport Thanks for the links. I am aware of the root of the problem and how to fix it. The issue is that I can get rid of it and be fine, but once I go on ChefTalk again, it comes back. It doesn't happen with any other site that I am aware of. I did a test and stayed off Chef Talk for 2 months and never had it happen once. I then opened Chef Talk and it came back within 10 minutes. I removed Chef Talk shortcut/bookmark thinking that might be the culprit, but alas, no.
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Try this

My problems with ChefTalk on my computer went away when I discovered that Firefox has it's own built in ad blocking. All I had to do was enable it. Now I don't have any ads and no more text jumping around. (Sorry admins) Likely one of those ads is the culprit for your problem. Some of them are like viruses.


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