Problems in the Kitchen

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I'm doing a project for school that requires me and my group to identify a problem in cooking which we would then design a solution for.

It's a very broad topic so anything that you constantly have trouble with or think is dangerous would work.

We would appreciate it greatly if someone could help us by giving us an idea for this project.

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In a great many small professional kitchens, only one (1) walk-in cooler is available. Even though signs are posted, invariably raw food product is placed above cooked product INVITING cross-contamination and a good hand slap from the health inspector. Cooks get busy, walk-ins get crowded, beer kegs need to be moved out of the way, etc. Find a way to make sure frozen turkeys on sheet trays put in the walk-in to defrost on wire shelving do not get placed directly above those nicely cooked top rounds underneath. Best of luck.


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Find a way to maintain a sanitizing solution of between 50-200ppm bleach for four hours.
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To make things a little more difficult, this system would need to prevent flat raw items from heading to the top as well; butchered ducks and chickens, let's say.
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Truly anti slip kitchen floors that work.
a guage on rinse sink that just buy looking at it you know when to add more sanitizing solution

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