Problems Baking Brownies

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I'm trying to make a new brownie flavor that has a nice layer of mint cream in the middle to make a mint brownie. I've tried making the mint cream many different ways, but it keeps evaporating during the baking process. I pour half the brownie mixture into the pan, then swirl dollops of the mint cream in, then top it with the remaining batter. When the come out of the oven and I cut them the mint layer is no longer visible. I've made the mint cream by creaming butter then adding sugar and some heavy cream for consistency. I've tried creaming butter and using confection sugar with heavy cream. Any advice would be great!

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if your brownies are made with coca, divide the mixture, flavour one part with coca and leave the other part natural, replacing the cocoa with some flour to achieve the right consistancy, flavour the natural part with mint and swirl into your cocoa mixture
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Would it not be simpler to add the prepared mint cream post baking? I mean, bake the brownies and when they are cool, cut them into two layers and spread the cream to make a "sandwich".
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Butter will melt when you cook it and you won't see anything, it can't work.  You need something with flour, i'd imagine, or maybe, maybe, an eggwhite based filling, or maybe cream cheese rather than butter. 
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