Problem with cookies

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Hello everybody!

I'm writting here hopping to find some answers to my question.... 
It's been  a while that I'm trying to bake some cookies and the result is never the one that I expect: crunchy on the exeternal and soft at the interior... In factm they are only crunchy.. Even when  bake them less thant the indicated time...
What recipee do you use? I tried a lest 4 recepies and I never get the taste that I want... Do you have any kinf of scretes that would be willing to share with me?  ( and all the other people who knows the same problems as I do? ) 

Thank you very much 
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Hi Chloe and welcome to Chef Talk! 

I would like to start by asking you sharing one of the recipes that you have used?

Also, would like to know if you changed any ingredients (i.e.: substitutions or using more or less than asked for)?

As well as if you did not follow the method of instruction exactly? And the last one would be if you have invested in an internal oven thermometer?

I do have some great recipes that I can give you  for what you are asking for however, I find that if you do not follow through with the recipe exactly as well as if your oven thermometer is off then you will have issues  with your cookies like you have been up against. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif  
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