Probably a dumb question, but here we go anyway.

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I ve noticed that the Australian Culinary Federation is introducing the Certified Chef qualifications. What arouses my curiousity is, how worthwhile is this title and obviously, being an international scheme, would it be in my interest to take part in it.

Some feedback from some folks who have partaken in this certification process would be helpful.

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How does this scrap of paper help you?

If you are already a member of the AuCF, why not.

But I would still only persue it if it is the direction you are planning on going. That is delving into the political world of cooking.

(MY opinion: I think the American ACF certs are a joke, except for the Pastry Chef.)
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If you can get certified do it and never look back. Does it cost any thing? ACF certifications are very inexpensive so cost here is a non-issue. Can you actually verify your references? Do you think you can pass the test? If so then the paper is never going to hurt you but it may benefit. You never know who is going to be looking at your resume and being certified may be the catalyst that tips the scale in your favor for your next job. IMO it's a no brainer. If you can get certified and it's cost effective then there is nothing to loose.
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