Pro Wrestler has Babette's Feast Moment...

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If I listened to the right cast, I think it took him a while to figure how to relax.

BTW I also have a cousin a couple of years younger who is into that. It was to say the least, financially rewarding. I'm sure he is retired now, but you never know, when ever I read about him he was making some sort of comeback. I know he made beaucoup dollars. He did so well his two boys are in it now. He and I were the blacksheeps of the family in the 70-80's. I didn't go into one of the family businesses and he went into wrestling. He was a top collegiate wrestler. go figure.
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No, no!  He is in the "biz", in the indies, but follows all kinds of this stuff.  Kinda like how I might troll for stuff about Keller of Chang.  We had a nice chat over Thanksgiving about the similarity between the lingo in kitchens and rings.  Every now and then he sends me stuff he thinks I might get a kick out of.

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