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    Durango colorado will be the starting city for the Pro Cycling Challenge this summer where riders race across the state. 700 miles in 7 days. this is an international event and body count estimates are 50,000 +. it's a lot of people for a small town of 15,000...olympic sized for us. Durango is a place where all sorts of atheletes come to train because of the terrain and the altitude, so the town will be bulging for weeks before the event. Naturally there will be many events and pre events and pre pre events. Naturally all these people need to be fed. Naturally, that's where I come in. Not one to shy away from an opportunity, i am looking at setting up a food concession of some sort. This is where you come in...suggestions, tips, advice. Some of you have years of expereince in catering major events in some capacity, so i would like to pick your brains about logistics, menus, what works, what doesn't etc. while i have done many 'events', i have not done any on this scale. Some of you simply have great taste and ideas.  So if you have 2 cents or 2 nickels and the time i would appreciate you tossing them my way. I will toss it around, back or out, but i will listen. it goes without saying that it need s to be doable, workable, a money maker and fun and KIS...  Thanks all....and if anyone wants to come out to the rockie mountains and help...???..

    here is my starting point so far, which is just a starting point..kind of what i'd like to will change and morph for sure....

    #1 Caribbean Fare....Jerk pork plate with black beans, rice and mango salsa

                                   Jerk Chicken plate  with "         "       "      "      "     "

                                   Roti (west indian burrito....curried), chicken, beef, vegetable....with mango chutney

    #2 Southwest Fare....Green Chile Pork Chowder with combo  flour/corn blend tortillas

                                    Pork Carnitas Plate with rice and beans

                                    Chile Colorado with rice and beans, or maybe bowl

                                    Southwest turkey chile with flour/corn blend tortillas

                                    Arepas with roasted corn & jalapenos  (i know they are not sw or mex fare, i just like them)

                           ????  Michoacana Style Ice Pops( Margarita-Lime?) Ginger-mojito?(i know, wrong region), but they sound really good

    the event is in August,....thanks again looking forward to your responses

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