Privatization of Water Supply

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Thanks for the link, Alexia. I just subscribed to Jim Hightower's newsletter. He's a breath of fresh air!
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Private Public, I don't care as long as the water out of my tap doesn't SMELL anymore. After living in places with excellent drinking water coming from the tap, Florida has got to have the WORST water I've ever tasted. Even the water dispensed from those refrigerated water fountains is awful. The water in New York City is fabulous - and the water quality was actually one of the few "benefits" of living in SW Colorado where mountain runoff is the water source.

We live on gallons of store bought water we keep in the fridge.
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I don't know about your water supply, but in some parts of the country, the water source creates an offensive taste or smell - as opposed to other places where the offensive smell/taste is the result of chemicals added to purify the water. What can be done in the former instance, I don't know. My local water supply is heavily clorinated, which most of us deal with successfully by filtering our water. (Have you tried that? I find it more convenient than carting gallons.)

I can still recall as a child on a cross country trip, stopping somewhere in the midwest where the water was so foul from sulphur that we didn't brush our teeth that day! In those days bottled water was seldom seen. Today, I always carry some in my car when I travel.
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Our water supply is laden with minerals so every drop not wiped from a surface becomes a dry, chalky white spot. It's no wonder the bottled water industry, not to mention expensive installed filtration systems - flourish here. There's definitely truth to the folklore about not being able to make a decent loaf of bread or pizza crust here in FL if you're not using bottled water.


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Don't buy bottled water without checking the label first. Some of the water comes directly from the tap and sells for over 2$...
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One interesting fact that isn't getting as much attention as it should is the fact that there are Rx drugs getting into our drinking water, and filtration systems are for bacteria and don't remove the drugs. Estrogen-like chemicals, are rampant in the environment. There have been several articles published in "Science News" about these studies.

When our daughter moved to Germany (U.S. Army), they were informed to get a home water filtration system. More research on my behalf found that the drugs were first discovered in the drinking water Germany.

This is happening because of the high use of Rx drugs and these are delivered in urine and feces. The average nursing facility will dispose of drugs via the flush of the toilet.

In one piece of information, it says, "It is estimated that approximately 90% of the prescription drugs we take are passed through the body via the urine and or feces and go to waste treatment plants which are reasonably, but not absolutely, equipped to remove bacteria, viruses and many toxic chemicals, but apparently not drugs."

More research discovered that distillation is the only method that will remove these items. Now we distill our drinking water. What's next?


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I don't know what the NYT article says, I'm not a subscriiber to their site.

What I read elsewhere wasn't that it didn't work so much as people objected to foreign ownership. And then bought it back.

Private ownership can actually give the public more rights though. If there is a problem with the water, the government entity is often immune to proseution for damages. Depends on all the details of the case. A private entity would not be.


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