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Some members are experiencing trouble with Private messages.

Here are a couple things that might help those that are having trouble.

-ChefTalk only allows a "Maximum" of 15 saved messages to conserve space.

- You must delete all "Old" privatemessage from "The Begining"(there is a drop down list on the right in the private messages area when you go there.

- Be sure to remove Private Message "From the Begining" in the Saved folder, Sent folder, and the Message Tracking folder.

Also, the scheduled deletion of old private messages several months ago did not take place as we are still trying to find out what the safest way to do this.

I sincerely hope that this helps the people who are struggling with their private messages.

Also a reminder, private messages are for sending short quick notes to other users, it is not email. Help out ChefTalk and save the long messages for an email.


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