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Hi Everyone!  I am a new and upcoming chef/caterer in Chicago and I was requested to give a cooking class of 2 to 4 people.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO CHARGE!!  any advice and or suggestions would be awesome! thank you!

I cook authentic Puerto RIcan cuisine... client asked to learn how to make alcapurrias(green banana fritters), arroz con gandules (pr rice), and THE absolute favorite PR dish pasteles (boiled "specially" made patty filled with meat of choice)

do I charge per type of dish? hourly? flat rate?

for example- pasteles is very time consuming but fun to make and even better when eaten! lol

arroz con gandules I can make quickly with my eyes closed and teach well

alcapurrias is also a bit time consuming but faster to make than the pasteles
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Flat rate. See what others are charging in your area.

Quick googling for cooking classes in Chicago show that Sur La Table charges $49 - $69 for a 2 1/2 Hr class, and The Chopping Block charges $50 - $90 for a 2 1/2Hr class, so I would price your class in that $50-$90 per person range for 2 1/2 Hr.

My guess is they have more students than you so you can capitalize a little on the "very intimate small group" if you're going to have no more than 4 students. The number of students in a class makes a big difference in your income, but also on the students' experience.

Also keep food costs in mind. Some classes are expected to be more expensive than others because of the food cost. So yes, in that sense, your class price may vary depending on the menu. A fancy dinner class with lobster or filet mignon costs you more in food cost than a knife skills class, and the class price should reflect that.
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