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Hello all.
Im finished in culinary school.. i have been working as a commie chef for the past 3 months. Ive been offered a job as a private chef in algarve for rest of the summer. Would anyone be able to advise me is it the best option to take. Or to get more experience. Any help would be great
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And if that experience doesn't closely match up with the demands of the job, you're going to get in the weeds pretty fast. It's one thing to say "Hey you just graduated, I like you, come be my private chef!" and another to actually provide you with detailed job duties and specifications of the position--before you make a decision.

And welcome Delgirl, to the land of chef madness!
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Too open ended. What are the expectations of the client? What are your expectation for your career?
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The NEW minimum wage is $15 / hr. ... You're brand new in the game ... Go for it.
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