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Try Maple; It's Michael Smith's new place. I've never been but I like his cooking and his recipes are divine. The restaurant is generally well rated but you might have to reserve early.
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oops! Just realized: Maple is in Nova Scotia. The restaurant where Smith used to work before he opened Maple was The Inn at Bay Fortune which IS in PEI, and is still considered one of the top restaurants in the country. I would definitely try that one.
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I am attending a conference in P.E.I in July. Any one know of any good restaurants on the Island? I have never been before and would like to try out the best while I am there. Thanks for any help.


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I just picked up a copy of Walking magazine(June2001) and they have a wonderful article on New Brunswick& Prince Edward Island. The pictures are spectacular. The majority of the artcile focuses on walking trails and the like, but they do mention some restaurants. Try
Enjoy your trip.


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I have never been to PEI so I don't know the names of any restaurants, but if it is anything like the New England coast, just find yourself a little hole-in-the-wall crab (or is it mussel, up there) shack. I think it is the best way to really get a feel for the food of the area, and some of the best, freshest seafood around.
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Well I'm back from the island and I thought that I would report in on my food experiences.

Anneke- Tried to get a table at the Inn at Bay Fortune, but their schedule and mine did not jive. The Inn is lovely and I did get a chance to look at the menu. The focus is on local agricultural and maritime product- Granny's kitchen with a sophisticated feel.

Pete and Pooh were right. The absolutely best meal that I had was at a seasonal shack in North Rustico called the Blue Mussel Cafe. It was a 6 table hole in the wall but the food was fresh and fantastic.

Worst food- I was aghast to discover that there is something called a "McLobster". I made my husband buy one because I just could not believe it ( he'll eat anything). The other dud was at the Blue Fin Restaurant in Souris- this time a lobster sandwich on WONDER BREAD! I scraped the lobster off of the bread.

Other wonderful finds
Cheese Lady's Gouda Cheese ,in North Winsloe- a family run business that makes gouda cheese using traditional methods and milk from their own cows.

Rueben's Fish Mart in Darnley - for heavenly smoked fish including salmon and cod.

Malpeque Manhatten Seafood Connection - suppliers of Malpeque oysters, on the warf, in Malpeque.

New Potatoes - Many farms stands sell these still covered in red dirt- Yum

And of course my favorite shopping destination - the Paderno factory and outlet. I spent the better part of an afternoon carressing Paderno and Chaudiere pots and pans. I am told that Chaudiere is the cookware of choice on Airforce One. After the carressing, I put as much of the stuff as I possibly could into the trunk of my car.

Best meal as a thrill sport - Spilly's Resto-bar in Edmunston, New Brunswick. Edmunston is the half way point in the drive from Ontario to PEI and many people find themselves booked in for the night here. George Spiliotis, from Montreal by way of Chicago is a 36 year old kid with attention deficit disorder. He serves what can only be described as "greek food on acid". This place is a scream...not a place for quiet dining - it's loud and its rough. George's food is honest and good - with a twist. You gotta go if you find yourself passing through. You'll love it.
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Wooooooooo thanks so much, Linda.

I'm printing this!

So I gather that except for the lobster sandwich on WONDER BREAD, everything else was cool!

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Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I've wanted to go to the Maritime provinces; the closest we got was Maine, where we had a great time and wonderful seafood (and beer). I drove from Montreal to Quebec City once and fondly remember the "patates" (sp?) signs on the road, leading to farmstands with bags stuffed with freshly dug potatoes. Also beautiful countryside and friendly people. I'll put PEI on the list of places we MUST visit. Thanks, Linda!

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