Primal Grill on PBS or Maybe Something Else?

Joined Apr 24, 2011
Mr. Raichlen,

I was trying to find Primal Grill on our local PBS feed from Tucson, and I found that season 3 will be airing starting on June 20[sup]th[/sup].  Is this your most recent taping?  Is there a season 4 coming soon; where are you filming?  Do you have anything else in the works that can share with us?
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Season 3 is the most recent, kaneohgirlinaz. We had difficulty, in the current economy, finding the corporate sponsorship needed to fund Season 4, though we are working on some promising leads and hope to be in production again soon. I have a number of public appearances scheduled in the coming weeks, as well as two sessions of Barbecue University at the Broadmoor, in Colorado Springs, and then I hope to be able to enjoy time with family at our summer home on Martha's Vineyard. Just heard Lady Gaga bought a place there, so that should shake things up! 
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