Pricing out weddings a year a head

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Are any of you putting special wording in your contracts for events you bid on (typically weddings) a year out?


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I have booked events up to 3 years in advance and that one reason I use a "Food Cost+Labor Cost+Expenses Pricing System. This year we had freeze and the tomatoes went to over $1 a pound Next year it could be the romaine, broccolli or asparagus etc that get hit. Or, "God Forbid", Mad Cow or Ecoli, who knows what will happen next year. Labor Cost and Expenses also fluctuate. My clients understand and appreciate my system. ( I'm not sure about the bride's mother) I try to stay away from them as much as possible. I only take a labor deposit.
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 In NY years ago we added $1.00 PP to next years quote. Here in Florida now we add $ 2.00. per year.. More for covering cost of insurance then anything else, as we know that goes up yearly.

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