Pricing for one-on-one cooking lessons

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I would appreciate some guidance in pricing one-on-one cooking instruction that I'd like to offer.

For a long time now, I've had a vision of teaching people how to cook and bake successfully in their own kitchens using their own equipment that they already own. Thanks to some cooking classes I've been teaching to the women of my church, I've started getting requests asking me to teach people one-on-one!  Great... but now I need to figure out pricing.

I assume my background will influence my pricing, so here's a quick rundown o my qualifications:

-- Completed 8 mths of a 10-mth culinary program at International Culinary Center in California, in 2006-2007 (no diploma)

-- Worked/cooked in a delicatessen (not a "sandwich shop/deli," but an authentic Jewish/Italian delicatessen), including cooking and catering

-- Have catered a few events on my own (about a dozen)

-- Baked (in my home) and sold high-end specialty layer cakes for a few years (about 1 cake every 2 months)

-- Have taught a 8-10 cooking and baking classes, but have never charged a fee

-- Have attended dozens of "hobbyist' culinary classes (both prior to culinary school, and also afterwards just for fun with my husband)

-- Have been cooking and baking for 40 years

Online, I've seen group classes quoted for as low as $75 and as high as $300, but a range that broad isn't too helpful for me in determining what makes sense for me in my area.  Also, I'm not really finding much info about pricing of one-on-one classes.

I live in a suburb of Seattle, so the general area CAN be somewhat affluent, but there are also lots of lower- to middle-income folks in this community, too.

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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