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Good Afternoon fellow Foodies !!
I as well have a question about pricing a event. After scrolling through i see things that should be on my post so i can get the best possible answer without You (the experts) having to ask me 50 million questions and ultimately take up much of your time. 

With that being said, The "Customer" simply wants smoked/BBQ (and/or no preference) did not specify a preferred meat/poultry and asked for at least 2 side dishes. He said that someone had told him they could Grill chicken onsite ("competitor" did not specify to the customer what CUT of chicken.. sadly this is where customers can get immensely disappointed) as well as provide "some" pulled pork sandwiches and 2 sides for $8.75 per person (75 people).

He had asked me if i could provide MY services with something in the same range. Again, he did not specify anything. 

MY QUESTION IS.. How much is typically in a portion, per plate? If its chicken.. 1 thigh and 1 drumstick? or 1 breast? Or if i did ribs(not baby back).. How many ribs are in a serving?

Sides, If i did a potato salad(just an example) would a serving be 1 cup?

Any help is greatly appreciated !!

Thank You !

(This would be my first large event, I have always done prepackaged desserts etc)

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