Prices for Catering/ What to include in fee?

Joined Jul 3, 2015
A friend of a friend asked me to cater her wedding rehearsal meal. She would like a plated service for 90 people. She says the place they are having it has a kitchen, but she doubts that I will be able to get into the kitchen early enough to make the meal. I've priced out how much all the ingredients cost for each item on the menu and from what I've read on here it's about 3x the ingredients price.

My issue isn't with the food price, I own a bakery, so I price stuff all the time. My concern is  with renting a kitchen, hiring a staff, renting place settings, that sort of stuff. What do I include in the price? I will be traveling two hours from home to do this. I've never done something like this. I've thrown parties for around 20 people, but never 90. Thanks so much in advance!
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