Priceless and yes this is my silly dog!

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Well the dog taught herself a new trick this past weekend and my husband made up one of those priceless things featuring her.  Apparently she thinks she's related to Snoopy and has been sitting on top of her doghouse!! 

So here we go...

Stainless steel food bowls  $3

Indoor doggie pillow $20

Outdoor Non skid doggie pillow $25

Custom built wooden doghouse $300

Dog who doesn't care... Priceless!  

I love the last pic of her.. she closed her eyes at the right time!


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 That dogs lives very well! What a lucky pooch to have you as their owner.
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She is our baby who will never grow up.. the kids love her as much as we do.  She is funny.. she doesn't bark at the door but if she hears someone in the back alley she is all over the place letting us know there are intruders around!
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