Prevention of hair in food

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Can anyone advise or recommend the best preventative measures for ensuring hair does not get into food being prepared on a street food stall.

My strongest suspicion is that it is coming from the forearms or clothes that staff are wearing.

We do not have a place to store and change into uniforms as our units are mobile and very small.

Staff wear gloves and a full length apron but most fabrics seem to be magnets for picking up hairs!

I'd greatly appreciate any advice as it is driving us insane.

*I have been looking for arm tights made from materials that hairs would tend to slide off rather than stick to but I've not had any luck
* Chefs Jackets would look really odd on our stall and more often than not have very flared sleeves which I expect would increase arm hair falling into the food
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If there is hair all over the clothing you need to find out where it is coming from and why it's happening. If it's coming from your employees homes, there is no way around having them change into clean uniforms before the start of their shift.

If you have employees with gorilla hair on their arms, I would have them shave.

Then again, are you sure it's coming from their clothing or arm hair? I see that you do not require caps or hair nets.
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Caps, hairnets, beard nets and lint rollers are a must. All long hair must be up. Find out which of your employees has pets. If your employees wear uniforms, what color are they? Lighter colors tend to hide hair and darker colors show hair well. Your employees don't necessarily have to shave their arms. But, if some have hairy arms, long sleeves are a must.

Good luck. :)
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Before you start shaving arm hair, do a quick poll with your employees and find which ones have pets at home. If so, what kind? Short or long hair? A quick walk with the animal before going to work?

How many waitresses have I guessed correctly that had a white cocker spaniel or ginger longhair cat at home.....

Individual lockers and separate work clothes—including hats—are pretty standard to cut back on hair found in food, as are hairnets. No one said you had to issue chef coats, golf or bowling type shirts work well.

Thing is, if employees have pets at home, or a house full of small shedding kids, don’t let them launder your uniforms at home, or the problem will be the same, ya gotta get the uniforms done by an outside service. Then and only then will you have the right to complain about hair contamination via uniforms.

Hope this makes sense, because everything I’ve explained here was learned the hard way.....


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What kind of hair are you finding in the food? Hair from different parts of the body have different characteristics. Chances are it is either beard hair or scalp hair. It could be pet fur, but again all these hairs look, and feel pretty different. As others have said hairnets and/or caps, are a must. Beard nets also, if you have guys with beards, and until you figure it out. I would also agree that, if you can't have people change, at work then, provide lint rollers that they need to use before they enter the truck, especially if they have pets.
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