preventing rust on a CCK tang

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Hi All. I got myself a pair of CCK cleavers for Christmas. A 1302 and a 1103. I love them! I want to take the best possible care of them. I wipe them down between cutting different foods and after using I give them a quick wash and hit them with a little baking soda, rinse again, thoroughly dry and then coat with a drop of canola oil before putting them handle side up on a magnetic knife bar. I am a little concerned that rust could eat away at the tang inside the handle as it is not really sealed at either end of the handle and I would suspect that water could get in there when rinsing a knife off etc. I would be tempted to use a little epoxy to seal them but I may have someone fashion some custom handles for them at some point in the future. Any suggestions? Am I needlessly concerned? Thanks!
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AWW YEAHHHH.   Welcome to cleaver land!

I haven't had any problems, but here is how I wash

-scrubby sponge with soap

-tip down in the sink 

-drip water on the flat of the blade

-gravity keeps it out of the handle

-wipe dry

Actually this is how I clean all my knives: barrel handle, wa handles, custom western handles

Don't really want to get any of them wet
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I have my cleaver for 20 years. I wipe it down after cleaning before it goes into my knife roll. I've never had a problem.
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I don't hesitate to wash knives under running water but dry them well and hang them handle up.
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Thanks for your reply. That is pretty much how I treat mine as well, although I think when I first got them, I may not have been as careful around the area where the tang meets the handle as I am now. Thanks!
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