Pressure Washers-Good or Bad???

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Hi everybody,

Anyone got any opinions on using high pressure washers to clean a MINI? I mean those lance-type things made by people like Karcher.

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3000 PSI  Great for cleaning kitchens as is a steam generator, but don't use on ovens ,you will kill thermostats.
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Mixed feelings on those...

Yes they clean great, but hey also spray around dirty water, and they are he77 on tile grout, painted surfaces, or any soft surfaces.

O.T.O.H. they are the ticket for working outdoors.  Dirty equipment?  Wheel the sucker outside and hose 'er down.  Dirty shelves in the walk -in or spedracks?  Wheel them outside and spray away.
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A 3,000-pound washer is great for a lot of things - buildings, decks, roofs, trucks,  - I've used them a lot, and in fact when  I got tired of renting them I built my own using parts from Grainger


They create huge amounts of  spray, which carries whatever kind of crud you are cleaning. If used indoors, this fine spray will coat every surface in the room you're "cleaning", if not most of the rest of the house or restaurant. Apart from the problem of routing out tile grout or stripping paint.

These are strictly outdoor tools.


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