Pressure cooking problems

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We started canning our venison last night as we do every year. We have an old National Pressure Cooker. Anyways, the seal kept leaking and then after trying to stretch it, it broke. My husband tried to can it and get it up to pressure, but that didn't work. So we let the meat sit for a short bit in the pan, as it was not really hot, then took it out. I have put it in the fridge and ordered new seals today. Will it be safe to can in 3 days or so? The meat is just barely brown at the bottom, the rest is red.  Hate to throw it all out. 

Thanks, Kathy
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Welcome to Chef Talk Kathy!

My head thinks it is ok but my gut is saying no way.

If it were store bought or even a calf you raised for this purpose I would entertain the thought of 86ing the jars and shrink wrap for the freezer.

Not so much an animal bagged in the wild.

So many variables...but that is just IMO.

I know the $$$ as well as the hours spent sitting in the freezing cold end up being a large investment for a once a year hobby but (again IMO) I wouldn't chance it.

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Thank you.
You are welcome, Kathy.

Come back often!

The membership here at Chef Talk is friendly but not big on sugar coating an answer just to be PC.

It is (one of many) reasons CT has been online for so many years and I like to know I get solid advice without the need to fact check.

We may veer off topic sometimes or get silly but it is one of my most valued tools when faced with a should I or shouldn't I situation.

Hope to "see" you soon!

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