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I have a 6 quart non-electric pressure cooker which I will use on my gas stove.

I have a one pound whole Branzine fish with the bone left in, but it's been scaled, and head and tail cut off, and innards removed.  It's been cut into three smallish filets.  I want to cook it with the bones in so that they become soft like canned salmon with the bones so that the bones are soft and edible.  I read that if you cook a fish in a pressure cooker for one hour the bones will become soft and edible.  

My question is: Can anyone tell me how much water to put into the pressure cooker to cook this fish for one hour?  I don't want it to run out of water midway through.  Thanks so much for any info!
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I suppose if you cook a 1 pound Branzino in a pressure cooker for one hour, you'll be left with.... fish soup?


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1 hour is certainly too long. More like 5 or so minutes at pressure. An inch of water should be plenty. Use a rack or basket so you can lift the fish out easily.

I don't know about softening bones. I've never liked canned salmon because the bones are disturbing to eat to my taste.
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