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hi my name is monserrat i have like a big question... hope someone can help me,,, i work for as a prepcook for a resturant that is open 11 hours a day and i work for 7 hours im the only prepcook so i preper for the two shifts. mine and i leave at  3pm and they close at 10 in the night.. okay i dont care about been the only prepcook ana preper for the night shift two.. i get paid 10 dollar.. but now they are givng me a day off thursday. soo they whant me to prep for that day and for the next day im going to be off and to leave enogh for the other day so the morning shift can start working beforwe i get cought up with everything... cause like i saud im the only prepcook they have.. soo today they got mad and the manager send A tex message he was maddd cause i ran out of things .. do you think thats fair for me to work tripe for them so they can give me a day off oo by the way were open 7 days a week but they what me to work only 5 days.. but they whant mer to leAVE everything ready for the whole 2 days... or somethimes more..
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Yes, the expectation is fair- to a degree. If you start bulking up the prep on your third day you should be able to leave them pretty well stocked. It isn't realistic for them to expect that they will not have to do anything on your days off. If they can't schedule another cook, someone needs to check the levels and do stuff if they are low.

A word about the hours. Most budgets don't have room for overtime pay. If they would let you work eight hours instead of seven you could get your hours and get more done.
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It would depend on many different factors, the extent and depth of the menu, and the volume of business come to the top of the list in my mind.
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Welcome, monserrat.  I also think it's partly fair and partly unfair.  Ultimately if you're a prep cook but not the chef, your job is to do whatever you are assigned.  That said, the job has to reasonable and possible to perform in the time you're given to do it.  I also think that it probably shouldn't be your job to figure out the par levels- your chef or supervisor should do that.  For instance, if you were told to cook and portion 20 pounds of pasta and you do that, then it's not your fault if that 20 pounds wound up not being enough.  I'd say it's reasonable for them to set the par levels for you and have you bulk up to cover your day off.

However, as Grande says it's not reasonable to expect that no one will have to do any prep while you're off.  You should leave them set up pretty well but it's normal for the rest of the staff to have to step up and do some prep occasionally.  They're pretty spoiled IMO if their one prep cook is expected to get 100% of all the prep done for the whole week.
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Dude, run away as fast as you can,I would never do that to my prep cooks, if I can't do it myself, I would not expect my crew to fill it in.
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