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    Hello. I have been asked to be a guest chef in a couple of weeks for a cooking class for a group of about 24. It will have an Italian theme and is very informal night of cooking one dish and then serving it for the group.  He wants to demonstrate how to cook the dish for 4 people then have enough to feed everybody after. So, I guess the demonstration is like a cooking show format. Now, the problem is this. He is leaning towards a pasta dish, which will be done up in pans. I suggested a Linguine w/ Clam Sauce, which will be the classic recipe done with your usual ingredients, using a pan, all quick and fresh. So, cooking for the first 4 is no problem. I am wondering how to prepare for the other 20 so I can have the whole thing ready at once and serve everybody at the same time. I could come up with a sauce using clams, oil, wine etc, but never did up a big batch that may have to sit for a while until I am ready to add the pasta and serve it up.

    How would you do it if you had to attempt this? Hopefully I have explained things clearlly enough to give you an idea of what I am doing. Feel free to ask questions. I am open to suggestions or even changing the dish, if I can...
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