Preparing 2" ribeye to mimic prime rib?

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All the ribeyes at my grocery store today were enormous - about 2" thick and 1.7 pounds. For our usual 1"+ one pounders, if we're cooking inside vs grilling, we usually reverse sear. This steak is soooo thick though, I had the thought that maybe we could mimic a slice of prime rib with it. I'm not sure how to do that though. Cook in the oven at a really low temperature, like 170? It would essentially be like our reverse sear, but with an even lower temp and without the sear at the end. Thoughts? For the record, we'd be going for med-rare and our typical reverse-sear method is a 225 degree oven until the temp hits 115-120, then searing quickly in a hot cast-iron. This time around though I'm looking for more the effect of a slice prime rib vs a steak though - med-rare all the way through without any sear on the larger surfaces.


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You might be able to foil the sides tightly and do it. No guarantees though.
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I had the thought of foil too, to protect the rest of the steak from drying out just like the outer surface of the roast would.
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Foil it and you will steam it, to me a good prime rib has a nice seasoning crust that is well browned. I would do the slow oven then a very hot sear to set the crust without to much additional cooking.
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I believe you would have better results if you seared both sides and roasted it in the oven to temperature. Timing is everything.
After searing both sides, take an internal temperature then roast from there.
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Try just searing to set a nice bark then rest.
Carry over heat will take you to MR...if not then toss in the oven for a VERY SHORT amt of time.
A cut of prime meat should end up juicy and flavorful in any case.
If not then shave and have French Dip.


Aghhh...Ross beat me to it lol.
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