PREP COOK-KITCHEN HELPER Needed in Glendate California

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Prep Cook/Kitchen Helper to assist me in a commercial kitchen. I am a Personal Chef who cooks for regular weekly clients and occasionally caters. I need someone who is familiar with prepping foods. We will do up to 10 different meals each day. You must be proficient with a knife and be able to read and comprehend recipes.

You will be responsible for setting the work stations up each day. Unloading groceries from my vehicle. Reloading delivery bags with meals at the end of the day. I am unable to lift so I will be depending on someone who is strong and capable of lifting heavy bags.

I addition to the above tasks, you will be responsible for washing all pots, pans, utensils and cleaning our work areas. Currently our dishwasher is not working. We are hoping the facility is able to get a commercial dishwasher this year. So everything is currently done by hand.

At this point you will not be required to do any of the cooking. That is a possibility in the future if there is an interest.

Hours are Tuesday and Wednesday. We start at 10:00 am and end between 4-5. There are occasions where we will need to switch the days due to my availability. Those are very rare but may happen a couple of times a year. You would need to be available for that situation if it occurs.

I do catering and there may be times I need you to work additional days but that is something we can discuss.

I need someone to start as soon as possible. Please call for an interview.

The facility where my commercial kitchen is requires that all people working within the facility have a full background check. They will conduct it. Just a heads up.

Pay is $15.00 and hour. 
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I am looking to start a culinary career and get my feet wet. I do not have any experience working in a commercial kitchen, but have worked in a restaurant before as a server, host, and as a bus boy. When I am able to, I usually prepare meals for myself from scratch. Please let me know if there is a number I can call to discuss further details in regards to this position. I currently live in Boston, Ma.

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I have dishwasher and prep cook experience and looking for more please contact me asap I promise ai wont let u down
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