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I am an Executive in the Culinary business and am 6 weeks pregnant.  I was wondering if there were any former pregnant chefs at this level and how did you deal with the stress.  Although I am not stuck on one station in the kitchen, I oversee it all and am responsible for the mistakes, food costs, labor...ect.   I know as I grow, my attitude will change and my temper might get higher...  Im worried cause as we all know, the culinary industry is like no other.  How am I going to move around in the kitchen like I do now?  How will the heat and stress effect me?
ANything info would help..thanks
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Another thing to consider: As your term progresses, how much will you be remaining on your feet every day, and is that something you can do?

Congrats, though! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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I wasn't working in cooking while I was pregnant either time, but in a measurements lab standing all day long where the equipment was definitely built for non-pregnant persons, as to working them and the proximity you needed to be in near to them.  Plus, at about 6 months - I went totally brain dead and made so many mistakes (which I couldn't afford to), that I had to take my maternity leave from thereafter.  But I was lucky that it was a temperature controlled lab., steady 21C all day.  Nothing like a kitchen environment.

You'll find it harder moving past others and staying long hours on your feet - just go with it and see how you cope.  But definitely, getting close to the bench & stoves etc could be an issue.  The heat of the kitchen may effect you and you want to look after yourself and bubs first and foremost.  Swelling of the ankles being on your feet all day may become an issue.  Up till about 5 months you shouldn't have problems, just make sure to keep those doctor's appointments.

And hey - hope it goes really well for you /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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hello I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I am also an executive chef but very hands on with the cooking as well, I will tell you im surprised I haven't had that bad of mood swings, the key to being able to do this is a support team, I have all men in my kitchen and they are so over protective they watch out for me . when you are that early on in the pregnancy you have to come to realize that you can not do it all take 15 min breaks every few hours and eat small meals throughout the day (boost helped me ). and drink lots and lots of water . and if you feel tired or anything hurts listen to your body, and with the heat i'm know in my third trimester and still small but I said good bye to the chef jacket it is to dam hot! but it can be done I hope this helps .

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