Pregnant and sick...

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I'm looking for help...
I'm 12 weeks pregnant, and run a kitchen in a University bar. Needless to say, I feel quite ill on a good day but the smells are killing me (grease, stale smoke and booze)! Has anyone else had to deal with this? I'm lucky enough to be a union employee, so I have some leeway...
Most web sites tell me to avoid overheating and strong smells, but that is essentially my job and I'm feeling pretty lost. Also, the nausea is quite bad and nothing traditional seems to work. Help!


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meclizine. It can be found OTC but its rare that way. Does wonders on nausea. As to how it works in with pregnancy, you need a dr.s advice.

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having been there and done that, i would recommend soda water(with bitters, if available) and staying away from the smell of harsh chemicals, such as oven cleaners, disinfectants and the like. hopefully at 12 weeks your coming out of the first trimester and you'll be over the nausea soon. you'll probably be not quite as tired also. check with your dr. before taking anything for the nausea.
i had to quit working myself when i was pregnant as i was running a very busy line and could not handle the intense heat from all of the equipment.
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A face mask with a pleasant scent applied to the inside? Good luck. Hopefully the worst is over soon.
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