pre-portion and hold lots of cookies (360 dozen) for mass bake.

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    I've gotten myself talked into holding a bake-sale(s) to help try and save out Reserve Commands' Holiday Party (Pretty sad when the members have to hold a bake sale to pay for the holiday party to honor our families, but that's the current financial and political climate...

    So, I've costed out the materials for about 60-80 dozen _each_ of:  spritz, chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, etc. cookies, Our "Ward Room" (Officers)  are providing the seed money for me to get the ball rolling, I've already arranged for the 2 roll-in oven that can handle a full speed-rack each. So I can rock them all out the day before delivery/sale...

    Big question is how to produce these in a timely manner, or what can be made up in advance and refrigerated/frozen before baking?

    I'd really like to be able to prep a batch a day, hold them and then bake them all off on a friday and deliver them saturday morning.

    Seriously considering letting my Command buy me a nice cookie-press/gun. So if anybody has any reccomendations.  Since I've arranged my workspace and oven time, and doing ALL the labor myself, the least they could do is give my fore-arms a break... The thought of hand-piping 70 dozen spritz cookies, not so fun.
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    All of those cookies should be fine made ahead and frozen. Place them on the sheetpans ahead and hold in fridge before baking.