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Hi all very new here, but I have a few quick questions. I make and sell pralines in the area. I also sell them to the cafe where I work. How much should I charge for them on a nationwide basis? I want to ship them all over. I get $6 per dozen locally. Any suggestions about the price or setting up for shipping and such would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
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Could you charge your regular price and then add on a shipping and handling charge per dozen ??
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Have you checked to see what others charge for similar items? Not that you should charge the same, but at least you'll have a better idea of what the market is like. Your typical shipping options are UPS, Fedex, etc. -- just like anybody else.

If you really want to go national, have you gotten started on working out your national marketing? Remember that you'll have to include something in your price to cover your marketing costs. Also your S&H should cover your packaging -- will this be off-the-shelf or custom? My guess is that if you've gotten started on everything you need (your business plan, lining up a commercial production kitchen, getting start-up funding, etc.), you might be able to do a small, independent business next holiday season. But you'll be too late for the 2003 catalogues if you want to go that route.

Hope this helps. BTW, welcome!! Do you have a "Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster"-flavored praline? ;)
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Hey chef,
send me 12 doz , and I'll let you know what I think their worth.
PM me, I actually buy my in for the gourmet side. I'm sure I have a file full of vendors in our area.
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