Praline question.

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OK, i'm going to attempt Raymond Blancs Chocolate Delice for a dinner party tomorrow.

It's a pretty complex recipe (to me anyway!) so if I can take a shortcut it would help. The base is a mix of branflakes and hazelnut praline. The chef himself said it's fine to use bought praline, but I wasn't successful in buying it. I could make some but like I said it's going to be one more job that I could do without.

I bought a jar of Nutella and i'm pretty sure it would do the trick, after all it's hazelnut based. My only real doubt was that the Nutella may be too "wet". Any thoughts? I don't really want to mess this up!
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Are you suggesting to use the nutella in place of the praline paste? If so that would be a bad idea as the nutella will not solidify in the fridge to create a distinct crunchy layer.  I'd suggest either making a double batch of caramel hazelnuts then grinding the extra in a food processor until slightly pasty or powdery or replacing the praline with melted dark chocolate.
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