Practical Theory test help........... PLZ

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Hi everybody,

i have  a practical theory test coming up that i am studying for and one of the sections on the test will be on nutrition. So we have to find out what the: Protein, carbs, fats and vitamins are in the following items:

All answers are guesses and not actual fact, as i have no idea!

  • Protein = Eggs, whites and yolks
  • Carbs = Castor sugar (I'm guessing)
  • Fats = Milk, cream, sugar and desiccated coconut
  • Vitamins = Calcium?
  • Protein = whole eggs and yolks
  • Carbs = Castor sugar, plain flour
  • Fats = chocolate, butter
  • Vitamins = ?
Chocolate Souffle`:
  • Protein = Egg yolks and whites
  • Carbs = Plain flour and Castor sugar
  • Fats = Butter, chocolate, cocoa powder, Castor sugar
  • Vitamins = ?
If you are able to extend on any of these points please post a reply. Or if you know of a site where i can find the information please post the link.
I thought this would be common sense but obviously not as i am struggling to find the answers.... All help REALLY appreciated!

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Here's a hint:

Look at the labels of the foods.

Trott off to the supermarket and look at the nutritional labels on eggs, butter, chocolate, etc.  It will list vitamins as well.

I've got a funny feeling the whole exercise is to make you aware of the nutritional content and vitamins in the food you work with.  I can tell you, but youi'd just as quickly forget or want a website for reference so you can forget. 

Eggs and butter in fondant????????????????
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Yep. Read the labels!

One book you should have in your library is "The Book of Yields" by Francis T. Lynch. I got the 1998 edition - which I still use - and it's only $40 now. Well worth the price. I paid $95 for my old copy. My how things change...

Anyway, it will give you some good info, but not caloric yields. That you can get from just about any source now like the above reply from foodnfoto. Be a good student and do your homework!!!

Good luck.

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