Practical Dutch Oven Reviews.

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I'm looking to buy a Dutch Oven and since they range fro $20-$300+, I would like to know if more money really means better product.

So to those that own Dutch Oven(s), what brands are most practical and which cost more just because of the name?

I read the older threads here and thought maybe it would be better to get a some new reviews.


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Well, for most people, they use an enameled cast iron Dutch Oven such as Le Crueset is well known for. You can get much less expensive versions from Tramontina and Lodge that perform as well. There's some claim to the Le Crueset enamel being tougher. 

I have a Tramontina enameled one. many plain cast iron ones I use camping and occasionally at home. I'd look long and hard at some simple quality stainless pots in that 6-8 quart range. There are alos some of these SS ones style specifically as a Dutch Oven.  If I were in the market for one for home use, I'd be most tempted in a stainless clad one.  I'm  a bit of a heretic I suppose. 
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