Power Outages

Joined Nov 9, 2020
In the middle of a storm-caused power outage, so I started musing... while we wait for power to be restored...

One of the things which terrorized us during this time of year was losing power - usually it means we just got ourselves shut down. I have toyed on occasion (with usually mediocre results) working out of an enclosed tent outside, or rigging fans to keep some sort of ventillation going so we don't smoke ourselves or the front end out...

Shy of a Generator (a recent, if pricey, addition to our toolkit!) what emergency measures have you had to take in your shop when Whomever Edison or McLocal Gas and Electric or Lacking Power and Light decided to save on your overhead costs by shutting you down, or one of your not-yet customers tried to turn a power pole into an offramp?
Joined May 25, 2015
Unless, as you say, you have a backup generator you're pretty much out of luck. Any protracted outage means no refrigeration so no way to maintain food safely. That right there will get you shut down regardless of whatever you might do.
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