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I just wanted to voice a pet peeve of mine and want to ask those front of the house managers why Waitstaff is not properly trained. Once again we went out to dinner tonight and water glasses were refilled by laying the pitcher on the edge of the water glass rim; just what I want--to drink after everybody else in the restaurant. I realize that this is not a reflection on the food quality of the restaurant--I've seen it done in the finest white table cloth restaurants all the way down to your standard fast food sit down restaurant. Why? Does the waitstaff not realize what they are doing? (I've waited tables and always been aware of this) Does the front of the house manager not realize or train his/her employees in this respect?
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I empathize... It seems that the water pitcher incident is only a tip of the ice cube... err... iceberg. Anyhow, it seems that unless you go to an extremely high-end restaurant, you risk poor service at least, and, at best, unrefined service; generally untrainned or unconcerned. Just about any actor can play the role of waitstaff without much know-how nor care. I hate to be critical, but I think the facts are facts.
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