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    Okay, so I work at a church as a Kitchen Assistant and we serve Wednesday Night Dinners to the church folk. We also do the staff

    lunches. My boss put me in charge of the dessert for the staff lunch and I plan on doing a three tiered cake. It's going to be a

    Halloween Theme, due to the holiday. So here's my dilemma. I want to use sugar and make a creepy black tree to put in the middle

    on the top tier. But I know nothing about pouring sugar, or working with sugar at all. I think my best route would be to hand pour it, but

    I just don't know. Would it be a good idea to try to pour it, roll the trunk into an actual round shape and just kind of pull out the

    branches by hand? I've been cooking since I was like 7, but this is new territory for me. Any ideas, advice....condolences? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lookaround.gif
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    If you haven't worked with sugar before, I wouldn't bother trying to make a trunk and pulling out branches, it won't come out like you imagine.

    Your best bet, like you said yourself, is to cast it. You can use modeling clay to use as a cast. Draw your 2d design on paper, roll out the clay to the desired thickness, cut out your tree design with an exactly knife, line the inside of the shape with plastic, and prepare your colored sugar and pour into the cast. Alternatively, you can use neoprene instead of the clay. I would also practice a few times before you do the real thing, just to be sure you got it. And do it the day of, rather then days before, because unless its stored properly with a dehumidifying agent, it cast piece will get sticky. Consider too, it wouldn't be a bad idea to cast a few triangles or something to support the piece, you could also get a pastry ring and cast a round piece of sugar to act as a base, then get your blow torch out and attach the two. Hope that helps.

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    I've used this with chocolate before.  Get a bucket full of ice and dump it in there.