Pound cake for carving cakes

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I have just recently taken a Wilton decorating class and gotten really into cakes.  I have done a few carved cakes and they were okay, but I've had some issues.  Luckily they were just for family members so I was okay with the imperfections.  It was still cool /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif

So, I made a 6 layer round cake covered in MMF and ended up with some ripples in the fondant where it seemed as though the buttercream was oozing out in between the layers.  So, I thought two things....oops, I really should have done the dam between layers.  Also thought that the cake wasn't strong enough to hold the weight of the fondant.

I had my first major flop last week attempting to make a flower pot cake.  i stacked round cakes then carved down to give it that tapered look.  No fondant on this one, but it callapsed before I even got the chance anyway.  I thought two things on this one also- I think my filling was a little to thin but my cake was clearly too moist.  I used the lower fat version of a box mix (using applesauce).  the cake was so moist that some liquid was seaping from it.  it tasted great, but it looked horrible.  I chunked it up and threw it into some tupperware and brought it to work.  I got lots of comments on the divine taste, but obviously it was hideous.

So, the common denominator is the boxed cake mix.  So, I would like to make a pound cake instead when i am stacking many layers in the future.  I found this recipe that looks absolutely perfect in the picture.  It reminds me of the Sara Lee frozen pound cakes which i absolutely LOVE.  The only problem is that the recipe is for two 9" round pans and I want to be able to use it in a 9x13 for a guitar cake that I am making for my neice.  I am wondering about cooking time in a 9x13 pyrex dish and will the structure of the cake hold up in the larger pan?  Here is the recipe...


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

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