Potted meat products


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This has always been one of my favorite jokes was the ingredients on that product. The brand in my grocer uses "mechanically defatted partially defatted fatty tissue". The mechanical part has been a curiousity to me for many years.

You can make good potted meat though. Helen Witty has an excellent recipe for potted ham. Haven't tried her potted shrimp yet.

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When I was kid growing up the local butcher used to make his own potted ham hock that was truely delicious. Spam? Don't care for it much myself but some must like it. Hormel has been making it for a long time so there is still a market for it.
Did I read somewhere recently that there is a Spam museum in Hawaii?

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Hawaiians love Spam - I bet it's considerd a national treasure!

I can remember my martial arts instructor making Spam-Fried rice, Spam sushi, Spam stir fry - oh, you get the idea!

but my all time fave is 'Rack of Spam', from 'Sinkin Spells, Hot Flashes, Fits and Cravins' by Ernest Matthew Mickler, author of 'White Trash Cooking':

Rack of Spam

2 cans of Spam
10-12 cheese wedges

Cut the Span in slices but don't go all the way through. You want it to open like a fan. Insert the cheese and bake at 400 till cheese is melted and the Spam is brown. Garnish with something.

People eat this. Honest.
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This is probably very simplistic and very stereotypical, but I once read that Spam was such a hit in the Hawaiian Islands because it's rich porky fattiness appealed to the atavistic longing for human flesh present in the gene pool of some of the inhabitants.
I always thought a Peking ravioli, with it's overtones of ginger and scallion, would be more like it. But it might depend on the cut......
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If you get a chance to try it, Maple Leaf makes a really good potted meat..
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dear chrose,
many thanks for that link. now if i hadn't just eaten breakfast i'd probably be ok. but something about pig brains in milk gravy.......
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I remember the old saying from the pork industry was-"The only part we don't use is the squeal". It sound good but the details get a little messy. Or the other one-"The less you know about politics and sausages the better you will sleep at night". Its' my opinion that since people rarely go and kill their own animals and that if they saw what went on in processing plants or had to dress their own meats that America would be a country of vegetarians!
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:lol: :lol: :lol: Chrose!! Loved that link.

I grew up eating Spam. My dad wouldn't allow any bacon at breakfast or pork on the dinner table, but we ate Spam for lunch! :rolleyes: You could call his idea of kosher observance creative, to say the least.
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I guess trying Potted Meat Products (PMP) is just one more of those things that I will never experience, now that I am a vegetarian. Don't think I'm disappointed!!

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