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okay, I just need i or more pots and pans. basically for boiling spaghetti or shrimp. also, maybe a sturdier double boiler. I plan on replacing my frying pans with a clay frying pan, then a cast iron griddlle, among other things, one dish at a time.

any body got any ideas for the pots and pans. I don't need a huge stock pot. really, I don't.  I also can't afford $150 for one single thing pot. I'm not a professional cook, just a home cook. looking for something pretty durable and something that I can actually scrub burn or sticky food spots off of.

I deeply appreciate the help.



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You might not want a big stock pot, but it's what I'll recommend. 12 quarts with a pasta basket, steamer basket and lid.

You might not fill it all that often but it is such a versatile sized pot no serious cook should be without one. Even if you only ever cook for one person.

I'd look at a disk bottomed pot for bang for buck over a clad pot.  Brands, there are a lot of good ones. I recommend Tramontina a lot.

http://www.walmart.com/ip/Cook-Pro-12-Quart-18-10-Stainless-Steel-Multi-Cooker/14277625 I don't have experience with this, nor seen it in person, but is what I'm talking about as a general class. I'd prefer a riveted handle over the one the have too. But you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a serviceable pot.

I'd also be sure to get pots and pans that are induction compatible.
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I gotta tell ‘ya Bree, as a home cook myself and having been on the hunt lately for a good pan, I took the advice of the professionals here and went to the restaurant supply store.  They had tons of pots and pans at super reasonable prices, compared to the little kitchen stores (we won’t name names).  I’m with you, I don’t want to spend a boat load of money. 
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Over 50% of restaurants dont last 24 months, look for one that is closing down and approach the owner about buying there used catering equipment

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