potatoes in yeast rolls

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Hi, I made some cinnamon rolls yesterday that calls for 1/2 mashed potatoes and a cup of the water the potatoes were cooked in. They were really good, but cooking the potatoes to make them is a hassle. Would it be possible to use instant potatoes to make the potato water along with the mashed potatoes? I was thinking of maybe boiling the water and just sprinkling some of the flakes in until it gets a little body to it? What do you all think. Would this work? Thanks.
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Sue, I make cinnamon rolls with mashed potatoes all the time. You can use instant potatoes if you want. For the water, the yeast loves the starch that is in potato water. You're not looking to have "body" in the water. This isn't a necessary item for the rolls, but I do think that it adds to the rolls.

What I do is when I am making mashed potatoes for a meal, I make extra for the rolls, and save the water from the potatoes. It will keep in the fridge for a good week if it is kept cold. OR, freeze it for later use and make the instant potatoes. It requires a little forethought, but I think you get a product using the scratch mashed potatoes. I have even frozen mashed potatoes for use in the rolls at a later date.

BTW, I put butter, cream and sour cream in my mashed potatoes, and the extras I take out for the rolls are the same........
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Please post the recipe...I'd love to try it. Thanks...

BTW,You can substitute your potato requirement with instant potatoes. Just prepare it according to package directions then use it as you would preparing it from scratch. Good luck!!!

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